Vintage Vehicles - 2018

Vintage Vehicles – 2018

Vintage Vehicles are an important part of Leyburn 1940s Weekend

They’re hugely popular with visitors – especially the children – and probably do more to bring the 1940’s back to Leyburn than anything else!

We’re always grateful to the people who bring along their superb Vintage Vehicles each year and, below, are photos and information about a few of the vehicles that can be seen at this years event, kindly supplied by their owners.

Take your time. Life was different in the 1940s, as this ‘Advert’ for Morris cars clearly shows:



David Shaw

Please find attached a photo of my vehicle and a photograph of me and my father taken in 1958 with his Morris 8 (that’s me sitting on the running board) – it was my fathers first car which is the reason I bought and renovated my Morris 8

My car is a 1937 Morris * Series II 2 Door Saloon. The car was built on he 20th/21st July 1937 and first registered as CYD 705 on 24th September 1937 n Somerset. The car had 7 further owners before being purchased by myself at auction in May 2016. The build record for the car states ‘converted to Series II’ so presumably it started construction as a Series I. The car was fully restored in 2017/2018 retaining the original seats.

Margaret Park

this is my car, an 1938 Austin 7 Pearl

Margaret Eyles

Attached are a few recent photographs of the truck, as usual, I can never find the ones I’m looking for, but some of these were taken at Leyburn last year.

The one of the dog shown is actually in the gallery for last year on the war weekend website. George spent most of his weekend having his photo taken, proved a hit with the visitors!

Here are some details on the truck.

It’s a 1964 Thames Trader NC, 640e which began it’s working life in Shropshire. From what we’ve been told it was originally used as a log truck. It was rescued from a scrap yard by

gentleman who restored it and sold it on. It then moved to Cheshire, and then on to West Yorkshire. Bought by us, as a flatbed in 2004. It was restored to its current condition by the owner, all on the drive at home and eventually, living accommodation (caravan) was put on to the back and covered to make it look like a load.

The engine is a 4 Cylinder, Fordson Super Major Tractor Engine.

Mary and Martin Roters

Please find attached the pictures of  Morris cars which attended Leyburn in 2017 including some of the owners in 40s clothes ( we always dress in period for the Leyburn weekend )

All our cars are pre 1940s and as you will already know that the manufacture of cars for civilian use stopped in 1939 so all our vehicles would have been the only cars on the streets during the war years. There will be 10 cars arriving on Friday 20th July from the North West (we are stopping at the Blue Lion) with further cars arriving each day from members of the Morris Register within driving distance of Leyburn ( Final numbers are not known at this time.)

The cars attending were manufactured in the 1930s although Morris cars were made from 1913 onwards, I can’t give you a write up of other Morris  vehicles attending however my own car is quite rare. It is a 1935 Morris 25 special coupe ( 25 denotes the engine horse power, brake horse power is 90) . In 1935 Morris made 2000 Morris 25s, of those 50 were special coupes , of these 37 were exported . today my car is the only known car left in Great Britain and there could be one in New Zealand . The Morris 25 has a 3,485 cc side valve straight six engine and on a level road can go in top gear from 10 mph to 75 mph but has a fuel consumption of around 15 miles to the gallon.