The Swing Cats Lindy Hop Dance Sessions

The Swing Cats Lindy Hop Dance Sessions

The Swing Cats will be leading Lindy Hop dance demonstration sessions in the market place, and dance lessons at the Bolton Arms, across the weekend.

The Swing Cats are a dance team brought together by the love of vintage dance and music. They want to share their passion and the joy that is Swing Dance with local communities in the Yorkshire area through demonstrations, lessons, workshops, local community events and schools.

Here’s what Tom Powell of The Swing Cats has to say:

People say to us all the time ‘I’d love to be able to dance like that’ and we are here to help people get involved in a great friendly social scene that’s great for the mind, body and spirit. Our aim is to get people dancing and to become part of a popular and growing social dance scene which welcomes people of all ages and most importantly – to have fun!

22 year old Tom Powell, from Grassington, runs the group and this year already he has won 3 Swing Dance Competitions, most recently The Festival of Vintage U.K. Dance Competition in York, alongside fellow Swing Cat Fiona Campbell. Tom would love to see more young people get involved with swing dance as he thinks it is the perfect remedy for a socially disconnected youth.

Finding Swing changed my life and I want more people to experience the joy and happiness that I have found with it. Even if it’s just a hobby it is the most rewarding one around with many benefits including making new friends, a form of exercise, endless laughter and lots of travelling! Swing music and dance is my safe haven and I want to share that with as many people as I can… that’s not a bad thing right!

Want to see them in action?

The Swing Cats will be giving authentic dance demonstrations in the Market Place over the weekend – for times see here.

Like to Learn Lindy Hop Yourself?

If you’d like Tom and Fiona to teach you one of the most popular dance styles of the Swing Era, they’ll be hosting dance lesson in the Function Room of The Bolton Arms, at various times, over the weekend. Please email [email protected] directly or telephone Wendy 01969 624187 to register an interest. Sessions are £2.00 per person or £5.00 for a family of 4 – with payment being taken on the door.