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Here’s What You Need To Know!

Thanks to everyone who took part – there was certainly a LOT of interest (the web site stats went through the roof last week – we’ll have to do this again!)

Most people had a pretty good idea of (nearly!) all of the answers.

The machine that helped decode Enigma messages was nicknamed The Bombe ( rather than Colossus – which was the machine used to help decode the even more complex Lorenz Cipher used by German High Command)

Fantasia was the Disney Cartoonlike no other which was released in 1940 and won an honorary Honorary Academy Award in 1942.

Everyone seem’d to know that the Devils in Skirts were (and remain!) Scottish Soldiers and most also knew that the notable 1984, by George Orwell, was the novel published in 1948 that we were looking for.

But the answer that caused the most problems  was the allied code name for Great Britain, which was, in fact, Wildflower!! Who knew? In fact, no one got this right  – and it takes quite a bit of ingenuity with Google to track this answer down. So here are a couple of links to save you some trouble:

Crusade in Europe By Dwight David Eisenhower P522




  1. What was the nickname given to the machine the British built to decode messages they encrypted by the German Enigma code machine? Answer = Bombe
  2. Which classic Disney cartoon was released in 1940? Answer = Fantasia
  3. Who were the ‘Devils in Skirts’? Answer = Scottish Soldiers
  4. Which novel, published in 1948, was originally going to be called ‘The Last Man in Europe’? Answer = 1984
  5. What was the allied Code Name for Great Britain? Answer = Wildflower

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