1. Hi Everyone
    Really sorry to hear that, looking forward to coming for a few years now having been cancelled before well maybe next year. All the best.
    Alan & Barbara

  2. Thanks. Missed for 3 years now gone! Well done to whoever decided to cancel. We loved the event, as did thousands of others but you have killed it, just like Pickering killed theirs.
    Sad, you must be proud!

  3. very sad that
    Leyburn 1940 weekend is not returning in 2023 shops pubs and tea shops will miss the trade what is the reason

    • very sad one of the best 40s weekends in the north get a new people to look after leyburn people came from all over to support this weekend you have no idea how to help your businessess

  4. I’m sorry to see that next years event has been cancelled.
    I was hoping to travel from New Zealand,my first visit to UK since 2019.
    What is the reason for the cancellation?

  5. Marie Curie’s Wensleydale Fundraising Group has made a lot of money over the years. The generosity of the organisers has been amazing. Thank you for all the effort made to keep this event going. The hours of volunteer time have added a huge amount to the local economy, but it’s understandable why this decision has had to be made.
    Thank you for some very happy weekends.

  6. Really sad this event is being cancelled. Always had a lovely time at one of the best little events. Please let your loyal attendees, Re-enactors and Military Vehicle Owners etc, know the reason why…you had a loyal following.

  7. Really sad to see the 1940s weekend is not happening next year. We came every year from Essex it was a great weekend just what is needed these days a cheerful fun time. Maybe 2024?

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