IMPORTANT – Event Dates Changed for 2020!!

The organisers of the 2020 event have agreed – due to Woodhall Spa date having been moved forward next year – that the next Leyburn 1940s Weekend will now take place on 25th and 26th of July 2020.

** New Dates 25th and 26th of July 2020 **

It is appreciated that many people will have already made arrangements for next year and that the changes will inevitably cause a great deal of disruption. The decision has not been made lightly, but has been judged to be in the best interests of the event itself and those wishing to attend both functions.

We can only apologise to those who have been inconvenienced by this announcement.


  1. Thank you for your update , we and our friends hope we can still make it , though a lot needs to be sorted.

    Looking forward , in coming year’s could it be possible for traders and artists to have more contact with the organisers , and also closer ties to hoteliers and guest house owners ‘re. following years dates .

    To avoid an incident like this happening again , it’s in everyone’s interests that the relevant information is distributed correctly, and timely .

    Wish you all well , you must have had a he’ll of a lot on your plates , with the recent flooding .

    Has any thing been decided , on having both Friday and Saturday dances at the school .
    Geoff .

  2. It’s the same time as Sunderland air show can the organisers try ringing the Battle of Britain memorial flight to see if they can fly over Leyburn on there way to or from Sunderland I’m sure they would oblige

  3. thank you it will be good to do both event i can only say that woodhall needs to pick a date a stick with it thank youl

  4. Brilliant timing, you wait while most people have arranged accommodation and THEN change dates. According to the internet your new dates will clash with Pately Bridge 1940s event.
    As we have booked and paid deposit (non refundable) for our accommodation, we will now be in Wensleydale for the week before the Leyburn 1940s event.
    We have supported Leyburn for the last si or seven years and find out that the dates have been changed not from the event organisers but by the thoughtfulness of one of the forties entertainers, namely Jayne Darling.
    Not what I call good organisation

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