Get In-The-Swing!

[Photo: Brian Sandham @Stillshotphotography]

The ever popular Swing Cats will be teaching the iconic partnered Lindy-Hop & Charleston over the weekend, once again, this year.

The Swing Cats are a dance team brought together by the love of vintage dance and music. They want to share their passion and the joy that is Swing Dance with all local communities in the Yorkshire area through demonstrations, lessons, workshops, local community events and schools. They are here to help people discover a new and exciting hobby.

The Charleston started in the 1920s & then The Lindy Hop evolved out of it in the late 20s into the early 30s before reaching its height in Hollywood movies in the 1940s. If you watch any great black and white footage of Swing dancing in the 30s/40s they will be Lindy hopping as it is the most eye catching dance! The Swing Cats want to share their passion with you and give you an introduction to the Swing dance craze – so please come along, even if you haven’t danced before or would simply like to refine your basic technique.

Meet the Swing Cats

Tom would love to see more young people get involved with swing dance as he thinks it is the perfect remedy for a socially disconnected youth. “Finding Swing changed my life and I want more people to experience the joy and happiness that I have found with it. Even if it’s just a hobby it is the most rewarding one around with many benefits including making new friends, a form of exercise, endless laughter and lots of travelling! Swing music and dance is my safe haven”.

Tom Powell

23 year old Tom Powell from Grassington runs the group and last year he won 3 Swing Dance Competions, most recently The Festival of Vintage – York U.K. Dance Comp, as well as dancing on period dramas with the BBC such as ABC Murders & World On Fire.

Ellie Wilson

Dancing by his side is his partner Ellie Wilson who studies performing arts at Craven College and found swing through meeting Tom during a musical theatre production.


Get Involved

The Swing Cats will be hosting several demonstrations and classes over the weekend. Classes are £3 per person per session – book by emailing or phoning Wendy on 01969 624187 or just turn up on the door…..

Provisional Timing (check Schedule 2019 to be sure)

Saturday 20th

Swing Dance Demonstration 11:00-11:15
Swing Dance Class 11:45-12:30
Swing Dance Demonstration 14:00-14:15
Swing Dance Class 14:45-15:30

Sunday 21st

Swing Dance Demonstration 13:00-13:15
Swing Dance Class 13:45-14:30