1. Wonderful photos capturing the fabulous atmosphere of the weekend. Amazing the effort some folk went to with their costumes. Loved the dancing too.

  2. Super weekend and looking forward to next year already…well after a rest…loved being at Thornborough Hall fabulous atmosphere and really lovely people . Quality stands of fabulous vintage items inside the Hall and out. Pop up tea room lovely. Music great. In fact Leyburn has it all what a lovely place

  3. A brilliant weekend, made even better by the beautiful weather. Thank you to all the organisers and entertainers.

  4. A brilliant weekend, made even better by the beautiful sunshine.
    Thank you to all the organisers who helped to make this such a great event.

  5. How lucky we were to be staying in Leyburn during last week. Not only friendly Yorkshire people, lovely town and glorious weather, but a great show put on for us with the 40s weekend.
    Hope to come again, but it is a long way to come from Australia!

  6. Fabulous weekend. Met some really lovely people and learned quite a bit too! Looking forward to next year … Thanks for a well organised weekend.

  7. Well Done Kate & Dave and team,
    Another great 1940s weekend. Great people, great atmosphere, and thankfully weather was spot on. Great to see some of my 1940s friends, and meet new ones. Certainly one of our favourites of the year.
    Again…, well done

  8. A great weekend with great people well done to the organisers. It was a privilege to visit as Winston Churchill.
    See you all next Year.

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