1. Lady in red and white polka dot dress and man with hat is myself and hubby, our first visit to the the show but not Leyburn. We had a lovely day, amazing how Leyburn is transformed. Loved seeing all those that had took the time and made effort to dress up. Loved all the Glenn Miller music too. Brlliant day out thankyou Leyburn .

  2. The young boy in home guard uniform in front of the union flag is me. It was a brilliant day lots of fun especial as I’ve only lived in Layburn for a month

  3. I don’t know who the lady is with the small black hat and flowered dress who is laughing her head off but the 101st Airborne guy in Garrison cap and parachute on his back is me.
    She is probably laughing as I was trying to sell her some stockings. you know what the yanks are like!!!!
    Would appreciate anyone who has taken any photos of me to email them to me.


  4. The photo with the pram, with the old bus I the background, shows my husband Peter and myself, (I am wearing a blue dress and Peter has a collarless shirt), and our friends Sheila and Dave with the pram. A fantastic day!

  5. A lovely weekend which we thoroughly enjoyed! It gets better each year. Is there anyone out there who would be interested in a Tea dance on Saturday or Sundayafternoon next year to raise funds for the loca; Guides and Brownies?This would be aimed at those of us who like to do sequence dancing.It would be held in the Guide building opposite the Church.

    • Yes me and my family would like that. The Staurday night dance is great but there seemed to be a lot of jive this year which is not for the faint hearted!

  6. The four Land Girls with the ice creams/lollies are (l-r) My 2 cousins, my partner, and me on the end with the gas mask box. Had such a lovely day, even though it was scorching!

  7. Fore the third year my wife and I spent a most enjoyable Saturday in Leyburn, it just gets better each year and one we really look forward to the 1940’s weekend.

    Well done and many thanks to the organisers.

    Mike & Mell Simpson

  8. Although I have been to Leyburn many times before, this is first time I’ve been to this event here and I must say I had a wonderful time. We could only come for one of the days, Saturday, but another reason for it being a memorable occasion is that for the first time my husband agreed to dress up 40′ s style as well and I just about persuaded my children to do the same! They also enjoyed the event which was punctuated with the amazing beautiful weather on the Saturday. So we were lucky all round and we’ll definitely come again next year.
    Finally, I would like to ask if it would be possible to upload some of our own photos of the event onto the webpage? My husband (quite well known for taking good photos) took them and if you see them you’ll agree that they’re of excellent quality, very unusual (there’s nothing like some of them on the webpage) and were taken on a high quality professional photographer’s camera: an Olympus SLR. Thanks.

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