1940s Quiz

1940s Quiz

We thought we’d put together a Quiz!

We’re trying to find out just how much you know about the 1940s – so have a look at the questions on this page, and see if you know the answers?

You can put your answers in the “Leave a Reply” field below and let all the world know how clever you are by hitting the  ‘Post Comment’ button.

But even if you didn’t know ALL the answers, then we’d still like you to take part – by adding links to the Web Page where you actually found the answer, especially if its a great page with information that others might find interesting. That way we can all share some great links…

Good luck!!

  1. What was the nickname given to the machine the British built to decode messages they encrypted by the German Enigma code machine?
  2. Which classic Disney cartoon was released in 1940?
  3. Who were the ‘Devils in Skirts’?
  4. Which novel, published in 1948, was originally going to be called ‘The Last Man in Europe’?
  5. What was the allied Code Name for Great Britain?