The Weekend Ahead - 2016

The Weekend Ahead – 2016

IMG_9258Fun For the Weekend

Weather forecast looks great for the weekend ahead – warm, sunny with only light and no rain forecast.

Dance tickets are still available – if you’re lucky, you may find a few at the Tourist Information Center (TIC) or, more reliably, there’s still time to apply by sending in the form by email.

Camping at the Rugby Club – now can accommodate tents and still room for everyone.

14812006543_1d3467a1a6_zWensleydale Railway

Trains over the weekend will be decked in bunting and 1940s memorabilia to create a great atmosphere – both on the trains and at the stations. There will be a ukulele band on Saturday, playing at both Leeming Bar and Leyburn stations and a jazz band on Sunday.

On the lunchtime train on the Saturday Jayne Darling will lending her stunning vocal tallent to provide memorable music accompaniment to the journey – there will be a range of children’s activities on the trains to help to pass the journey time and to get everyone in the mood!

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